Monday, August 31, 2009

Which Investment Club Should You Join? Is it a Safe Stock Market Investment Club?

Would you join a safe stock market investment club where you met regularly with friends to have a good time, learn something, and hopefully make some money? If you said yes to that statement, you might want to consider joining, or starting your own, investment club.

An investment club is simply a group of people who share an interest in the stock market pooling their resources into one large investment. Investment clubs are long-term commitments. They are a wonderful way to get to know the stock market, have a good time, and, over time, make some money. But making money should not be the primary reason to join an investment club - since investing is always, even in a shared setting, a risky venture.

Generally, an investment club has between 10 and 40 members, though many seem to settle around 16 as a good number. Decisions on investing are made democratically, either in a one person, one vote fashion; or with weighted votes, where each person`s voting strength is determined by the amount they have invested in the safe stock market investment club. Safe Stock Market Investment Clubs can be partnerships, or corporations, though partnerships are more common. They can meet monthly, or twice monthly. They set up different committees, they research stocks in different ways, they each have their own investment goals.

Investment clubs are as individual as the investors that make them up. What they have in common is a desire to get to know the ins and outs of the stock market. To come together with like-minded people to realize more from your investment capital, over the long-term, and to enjoy yourself while you are doing it.

Enjoyment is a key part of an investment club. If you`re not having fun while you are participating in the safe stock market investment club, it`s probably not the safe stock market investment club for you. And it should go without saying that if you are looking to make a quick profit, an investment club is not the place to be.

Unfortunately, it`s often difficult to join an established investment club. Many of them have been operating for years, even decades, with the same members and they aren`t likely to grow. Which leaves many hopeful club members with the option of starting their own safe stock market investment club. This is a great option, but it should be considered carefully. Make sure that you fully understand what needs to happen for your safe stock market investment club to be successful, and be sure you are starting for the right reasons. Here are a few points you might want to consider:
Are you being realistic?
If you`re starting an investment club to make a large profit in the stock market, you`ll likely become very disappointed. The goal of an investment club is to learn more about the stock market, and to have fun. If you have dreams of becoming rich you`ll be starting the safe stock market investment club for the wrong reasons. Remember, joining an investment club means joining for a long period of time.

Are you willing to be an amateur?
Starting an investment club won`t make you an expert in the stock market overnight. In fact, an investment club is ideal for a group of amateurs who want to learn about how the stock market works and what it can do for them. An investment club is a safe environment in which you can invest without the worry of losing a large amount of your hard earned dollars when something unexpected happens.

You can start with a little.
Don`t think that you need a lot of money to start an investment club. You can set a minimal fee for each month`s contribution that will fit into your budget. You can determine what that minimum monthly contribution should be when you have your first meeting of the investment club.

There is strength in numbers.
On your own you may not have enough money to invest in the stock market in a way that will let you realize a reasonable profit. However, when you combine your investment dollars with the dollars of others in the safe stock market investment club you`ll have a significant amount of money to invest in the stocks that you think may be successful. Keep in mind that just as there is strength in numbers there is also a shared sense of security when you`re not investing alone.

Do you like democracy?
One thing that you should keep in mind is that your voice will be part of the larger group and you may not always get your way. If you`re unable to sit back when you`ve been outvoted on a favourite stock, and let another investment choice be made, then an investment club might not be for you.

Can you be satisfied with a learning experience?
You should be prepared to never realize a profit from the stock market. One of the key parts of an investment club is the benefit of studying the stock market with other people with the same interests as yourself. If you never make a penny you should still be happy with your participation as part of an investment group.

Investment clubs are great ways to get to know the stock market in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. Starting your own investment club will make sure that you have a safe stock market investment club that will closely reflect your interests, though there will be compromises in any group setting. Friends, fun, a chance to study something you are keenly interested in, and a chance to make money. An investment club can be the best of all worlds.

By : jimmycox
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best Stock Market Investment: How To Choose Investments That Pay Off

Some financial experts say that engaging into a more lucrative but challenging world like investments are not specially made for the faint hearted.

With the economy seemingly riding on a roller-coaster ride, investing with the right stock seems to be next to impossible. However, with the advent of information technology, people from all over the world go crazy over stock market investments. It is because the convenience of information technology had found its place in the world of investments and computing.

Today, stock market investments are selling like hotcakes. It seems that it has always been the focal point of every investor to get a stock no matter what.

So, for those who would want to get the best stock market investment they should look into the following for advice:

1. The stock market is risky business

Generally, most people believe that buying stocks are as easy as 1-2-3. Of course, it can and in fact anybody is capable of doing it. But the problem lies on the fact that few people only know when to sell. And that is, in its greatest sense, the heart of stock market.

So, the best advice for people to get the best stock market investment, it is best not to gamble everything that they have on it, especially if they don't have a good understanding of how it works. It's better to loose a little than loose really, really big.

2. The "trailing stop strategy."

Most experts incorporate this when getting stocks. What they usually do is to "ride" their stocks really high, and maintain an exit strategy in the event that things get out of hand. This is where the liquidity of their investment is extremely vital to one's business. That is, they should know that whatever liquidity they have can be easily converted into cash.

3. Invest only in what you are comfortable with.

Even if particular investment opportunity, say, an exciting IPO of a big company, looks very attractive, it is a must for every investors not to invest on it if they are not prepared to risk losing their money on it. In this way, people will be able to get the best stock market investment by following this very important advice.

Finally, most stock experts recommend today that people who want to get the best stock market investment should use the every day costs in the stock market investment strategy. It would be better if investors would always carry a handy calculator with them.

The most important thing about stock market investment is not so much to pick the best but to avoid the losers.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tips for Successful Investment partnerships

An investment partnership is extremely easy to set up. It refers to a situation when two or more people join together with the intent of going into a business. The process is simple and includes applying for the right licenses and files the correct forms with the state.

Most investment partnerships bring together people who have skills and enterprise which compliment each other for example a construction company and a material wholesaler. It is important to remember that each partner within a particular business is taxed individually but everyone partner is liable for the debts of the company.

The Pre-Partnership Agreement

A investment partnership retains all the the rights that an individual has under the law. A investment partnership has the ability to own property, execute files, and turn a profit. Both taxes and liability fall on the owners of the investment partnership.

Additionally if a partner dies the company has to be dissolved and then re-established if the remaining partners wish to stay in business. When the investment partnership is originally created it is important to have an agreement in which all the percentages of profits and shares are openly addressed. There should also be a plan for all the shares and debts will be handle between the partners. The original agreement can be alter if the majority of the partners agree to the amendments. investment partnership agreements are great mediation tools which can allow for conflicts to be resolved simply by citing the investment partnership agreement.

Advantages to an Investment Partnerships

There are several advantages to this type of business investment. It is both easy to set up and also inexpensive. Especially for family run businesses and makes the potential profit for the business unlimited. A business becomes stronger and more profitable when there are more people and therefore more resources available. The more people within a investment partnership, due to the pooling of assets, the more a lending company will be willing to get to the investment partnership in the form of loans. It allows for a general business venture while still maintaining each partner's area of expertise.

Disadvantages to an Investment Partnership

Obviously there is a great deal of advantages however there are also a downside to investment partnerships. They do have to be resolved if a person dies. This is more of a hassle then anything else but certainly the redistribution of shares, and the finding of a new partner can be difficult and time consuming. If there is conflict between the parties involved, any partner can resolved the business at any time. Once a investment partnership is dissolved the shares, profits, and debts must be split up. This usually ends with a great deal of financial lost for all partners involved.

Certainly the benefits of a partnership outweigh the risks. However, like all things in life, there must be a great deal of research, planning, and implementation which needs to take place for any business partnership to be successful.

By : Mika Hamilton
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Your Financial Real Estate Investment Model

When you wish to become involved in real estate investing, there are several things you should do before you begin this endeavor. You will want to make sure you are making a good investment decision and understanding the terms and definitions of real estate is just one way in learning how to make a good investment.

Perhaps, most important of all, however, is understanding the financial real estate investment model. This is an analysis that will help you to determine what financing options you may have, as well as help you to develop an operating budget for your real estate investment. A good financial real estate investment model will help you to make sure this endeavor is a profitable one.

Before you can calculate your financial real estate investment model, you must first do research on the property. You will want to review all of the records on the property. The rental history is very important to determine whether or not this will be a sound investment for you. The cost of utility services, insurance and claims, taxes, loan documents, and previous loan payment history are all important in helping you to make a decision on this investment. All of this information should be gathered a studied accordingly.

The analysis of these items is crucial in your real estate investment model. If, for example, you determine that the property has had a bad rental history in the past or has not appreciated in value over several years, you may deem the property to a high risk property. In helping you to determine this, however, there are several other factors to consider.

The inclusion of other information in your real estate investment model is crucial. Data from all the cash flow determinants is just as important as the others. You will want to make certain that you have information on any and all operating expenses for the property, including those that can be recovered from the tenants and those that can not, capital expenditures, occupancy rates and all losses due to non-occupancy, and all other costs associated with the property.

This financial investment model will be produced from all of the information gathered on the property, including information such as market history, the economy, and any changes that may occur in the future that will effect the valuation of the property.

When you have all of the necessary information, the data should be inputted into your real estate investment model. Many investors choose to use software programs developed specifically for real estate investors, while others use Excel to produce the analysis of the data they have gathered. Many of the software programs can be found online or at major software companies. Once the information has been inputted, the analysis will begin and you will be able to determine whether or not the property you are considering will be a good investment or not.

Without a good real estate investment model to go by, you take the chance of purchasing high-risk properties which may result with a capital loss instead of a capital gain. To help you to determine whether or not a property is a good investment, thoroughly research the investment model you will be using by asking others what they use and talk to real estate agents specializing in investment properties.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top 5 Investment Tips

1) Do your research
It is very surprising to find that many investors do not put in adequate time into researching their investment opportunities. Instead they rely on what “the experts say”. Doing so may not be a bad idea at first, but in order to become a better investor you need to do your own homework and become very familiar with terms, theories and the numbers in the wonderful world of investing. Furthermore doing good solid research into an investment makes you more confident in your investment and takes away some of the worry that many people have with their investments.

2) Look to the long term
If you don’t feel comfortable in an investment for a long period of time then don’t bother investing in it. Look for long term value in an investment, and stay clear of “get rich quick” investment opportunities. Furthermore as a bonus, long term investing allows you to save a little on taxes. In most countries you get taxed on the capital gains you make on your investments. With careful planning and long term holding you can minimize the taxes you eventually have to pay on any gains you make in your investments.

3) Diversify
Diversifying your investment portfolio is a great way of reducing risk and the possibility of loosing money. But beware that diversifying too heavily can strip away potential return on investment that you may have enjoyed. Reasonably diversifying your investment portfolio eliminates some of the turbulence and makes for more consistent returns in your investment portfolio.

4) Use your extra money to invest
Don’t use money that you need to live. If you want to get into investing, it is wise to use your disposable income to invest. As you mature as an investor, then you can start using some more money from personal savings to invest. But never use money that you cannot live without to invest. In other words don’t use your rent or food money to invest, because these are things you simply cannot afford to loose.

5) Set your investment goals
An important step in investing is setting your goals. What kind of money are you realistically expecting out of your investments? Some people invest for their retirement. Some invest for their kid’s college. Different people have different reasons why they want to invest money, knowing exactly why is very important. The knowledge of where you want to end up with your personal finances makes it easier to choose the right type of investment and the way to go about it.

By : Sam Java
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